Tuesday, July 24, 2012

This Is Sexy

It brings back the memory of a sensory deprivation scene. 

t was blind folded, the erotic scent of my favorite candle was filling the air, the room darkened and Enya was playing in the back ground. t was also bound to the bed. I not only took away his freedom, but I also took control of his senses. I became his primary focus. 

Seeing t laying there so vulnerable gave me an overwhelming sense of satisfaction. The way his muscles tensed when I touched him was sexy as hell. I could almost hear his mind begging me to touch him and stop touching him at the same time. As I ran my fingers through his hair and over his body, I could see the need building. As I pinched and bit his nipples, I could hear the sharp intake of his breath...he wanted more...he needed more.  I used my leather paddle to slowly, agonizingly trail from the top of his body to his toes, touching lightly, exerting just enough pressure to make him writhe in anticipation....

to be continued....


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