Monday, April 14, 2014

A Session With A Cross Dresser

So I promised to tell you about the session with the little cross dresser.... it was ok.

To start, danielle was late. t met danielle at the door and led her upstairs to our special little room. With t sitting obediently by my side, I commanded danielle to strip to her lacy lingerie and stand before me. she looked kinda cute, all shy and nervous. I had her come over to me and told her that being late earned her 10 swats with my paddle, with her over my knee. I know, only 10 swats...whatever was I thinking ?!?! I had her bend over my knee with no panties and made her count the swats as they came.  I think it turned her on because she left a little wet spot on my black silky dress.

I then had t chain danielle in the doorway so I could inspect her. It was a nice sight however almost immediately I regretted not having her sign a consent form. Anyways...after chaining her, I had t help me into my strap-on harness. Funny thing I was inspecting danielle and pushing up against her, my strap-on cock broke ! Oh my goodness, I looked at t with a very concerned look and we both had a hell of a time not laughing out loud.  I admit, it was rather difficult to regain my composure !  I put nipple clamps on danielles little nipples sans weights as I wasn't sure if she was ready for that yet. I forgot to mention that danielle said she was new to this and I didn't want to push too hard, too fast.

After inspecting danielle, I had t remove the chains and had her crawl over to me. I told her that if she wished to become my little slut, that she would have to learn to suck cock and that she was going to start by practicing on me. (I bought a very large, realistic dildo that squirts home made  cum !) It was great seeing danielles bobbing up and down on my cock ! I think she had a bit of difficulty because of the size. After a time, I made the home made cum come out...what a surprise for danielle !! I loved her reaction except she didn't swallow like she was supposed to (bad danielle !) and it too, got all over my dress. That little mishap landed danielle in the corner. The whole cock sucking scene really made me horny as hell so while danielle was in the corner, I commanded t to come service me orally. Poor danielle stood in the corner and had to listen to t licking and sucking me and to my moaning and...well, you know.  To end the session, I allowed danielle to jerk her little thing while standing in front of me. It sure didn't take long for her to cum lol.

The whole session didn't really last very long, but I didn't want overwhelm danielle with her being so new. It was an ok night, one I would definately do a little different. It was fun playing with her though and if nothing else comes of it, we have a memory of a good time.

Isn't she adorable ??


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