Tuesday, September 11, 2012


That is how I would describe me lately. you have created a monster. My sexual appetite has never been this manic. I'm not sure how healthy this is.

This is the thought that has been going through my mind for the past few days:

I want you bound. Bound by chains. I want your eyes covered, exotic music playing in your ears, your skin ultra sensitive. I want the smell of my sweet juices to assault your senses. I want my presence to invade your very soul. I want you drunk with fear and anticipation. I want your surrender. When I am finished with you, there will be no mistake of who you are. My bitch, my whore, my sex slave.

Are you wondering what I will do to you while you are lying there helpless and trembling with anticipation? I will touch you. I will have my hands on every inch of your body. I will taste you. I will bite you. I will make your cock beg to feel my hot breath, to feel my tongue licking up and down and around your heavy painful balls, to feel my lips close and suck. Yes, your cock will beg for ownership of my mouth, but just as it starts feeling good, I will assault your pathetic begging weasel of a cock with my teeth. Just enough to confuse you, to make you writhe from the painful pleasure.

I will rub my hot wet pussy on  your face. you will have no choice but to smell my scent, your mind will be screaming for a taste of me. I will laugh at you. I will tease you. I will steal away your pleasure. The pleasure will be mine. And only mine. While you are laying there in a state of confusion and desperation, I will be squatted over your face rubbing my clit, making you wish it were your tongue. I will describe every touch, every stroke, and I will moan. I will get off, you will not. you will just lie there, bound by chains, helpless. Just how I want you. Helpless with you begging, for just one touch, just one taste. your mind reeling.

I will take my hands and caress your hard cock. I will stroke you gently, watching you quiver. I will enjoy your moans, your groans, your plea for relief. I will laugh and deny you. you will be ready to bargain with the redheaded goddess with all of your soul.

When I am finished, you will realize that it is all about me. All.....about......me.


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