Friday, October 19, 2012

It's Not What It Is...Or Is It?

I think some people are confused about me and what I am about. I get men that come on here looking for porn. Will you find porn on my blog? Yes. Yes you will find some porn, but it probably wont be in the "I'm a guy looking to get my rocks off" context. My blog isn't a porn site, not really. It's an informative blog. It's allowing you into my lifestyle. Showing you what makes me tick, what makes me hot and invites you to allow that kinky dark secret inside of you out. We all have that kinky side, that part of us that would shock even our best friends if they knew. In this blog, I try to show you that it's ok to feel that, it's ok to be kinky, well as long as you aren't making people around you uncomfortable....well... you kinda get my drift.

I play a lot of game apps and meet guys (and girls) on there that are wanting to show me their body parts. I have had many hard peckers in my inbox lately and even a few boobs. And that's ok. The great thing about that is that they are happy that someone accepts that about them. They love that I think it's ok for them to share with me their most prized possession, the asset they are most proud of. In the real world, we can't just whip out our boobs and say, "hey, I feel sexy/kinky/powerful/etc for showing you these." But in my world you can. It's all about that fantasy, you know.

Am I making any sense?

I have also had requests for other things, for instance, return pics. The "I showed you mine, now you have to show me yours". I have given some thought to that and decided this: you showed me yours because you wanted me to see it. Thank you for sharing, but I will have to decline reciprocating. I don't like to show my body off...sort of. I am very self conscious about myself. The only one I am comfortable with seeing my assets are t, and that is because he worships them, he worships me. I do not want people jerking off while looking at my body, not unless they have permission. I am not a porn star by any means and am not really interested in becoming one.

With the above being said.....I invite you to ask me questions. I invite you to tell me your dirty little secrets and I may just tell you a few, what makes you tic, what makes you suffer. Tell me anything. I love to share stories, to talk about t and our experiences. I would love to hear what you wish your wife would do to you as a Mistress or your husband as a Master. I do love a juicy love/lust story! Along with this invitation, I do have to give some clarification. Please keep in mind that I am not a porn star, a hooker or a party girl.

I look forward to sharing!


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