Sunday, August 26, 2012


So I have been lulling ideas around in my sexy deviant mind.

I've had thoughts about throwing all of t's underwear out and forcing him to wear panties from now on. I think it would serve as a wonderful reminder of what he really is. (That would be My little panties wearing slut). I've also thought about making him get another tattoo. Something similiar to THIS. It would serve as one of the many constant reminders of who he belongs to. Not that I am worried that he will ever forget.

I've been also thinking about an outing soon. Maybe a nice woodsy type scene. Maybe one involving ropes, a tree and a some raw, intense pain. Perhaps some wrist and ankle cuffs, a large rock (to bend him over) and my new BFF (which I still haven't named yet!). Oh how I would LOVE to lay him down in a bed of poison ivy!

The ideas are endless!

Today I made t lay in the bottom of the tub while I took a shower. I "accidentally" dropped the soap and my wash cloth a few times, offering t a full view of my asshole and wet soapy pussy. Poor t, he could look but he couldn't touch. I know that drove him crazy, and I loved every wet, soapy minute of it. I also peed on his pathetic caged up cock. I decided that he didn't deserve to drink my nectar. I should have made him beg for some. Maybe next time.

t has had his cage on since Wednesday and I have offered him little in the way of activity, but am planning something big for the three day weekend we have coming up. I'm thinking this will be the perfect weekend to finally make him totally surrender all to me, to push him beyond his limits, give him what he has been asking for (even though I don't believe he understands the ramifications). I'm thinking the woods will be a perfect place for this. No one to hear to his screams. No one to save him.  No neighbors, no passersby, just Me, him and the creatures that live there.

 Time for me to get plotting  planning.



  1. Love the tub scene...oh my! Wish Wife would pee on me... She's not interested.. yet.
    The outdoor fun sounds... delightful! :)

    1. The outdoor fun didn't happen this time :( I lost my motivation to take it out of doors. Perhaps soon though