Saturday, August 4, 2012


I'm not sure exactly how I feel about this. I do know that I keep finding myself reading blogs that are centered around this. It all sounds so fascinating, especially this

Pros and cons:

Pros: A lot of My and t's needs would be met. It would be exciting. It would make me feel alive to be worshiped by more than one pet.

Cons: I'm a very jealous person, as is t (I believe). I have a tendency to act on impulse and regret later. t might also have regrets later. 

Could I?
Could t?
Should we?

What are your thoughts?



  1. Lady Lori,

    I have found that in most cases that it is the sub that fantasizes about cucking more than Dommes. Seeing that you seem to be gravitating towards it (at least the concept of it) there's a good chance your relationship will grow to that at some point... although it will take a lot of trust and a lot of time.

    This is something I have thought about a bit over the years and I know in my own case I could handle my Mistress having a Lesbian relationship but I'm not sure I could handle her with another man in that way.

    That being said, I think there is a path to conditioning the male psyche to reach a "ready" state for this type of arrangement. Some may consider it cruel, but I'm generally of the school of thought that if she wants it and there are still enough things that "do it" for him in relationship to keep him happy, cruel is okay.

    I can say this is something that will take a great deal of care to bring about. Pushing it early may lead to trust issues. Under the right circumstances it is very possible to prepare him mentally and emotionally.

    The procedure I can see for developing this kind of arrangement is something like...

    1. Gradually make him feel like his penis is not a part of his sexuality. e.g. limiting sexual contact to cunnilingus and pegging.

    2. After establishing #1, informing him of your sexual needs extending beyond just cunnilingus and pegging but that either you just don't envision him sexually in that way anymore and/or his penis doesn't provide adequate pleasure in sex.

    3. After #2, asking him why, as the Dominant, your needs/pleasure should be denied in any way?

    4. If he is in the right mental state to agree with #3, bring up the idea of cucking while ensuring him that you still love him and that the bull would never replace him, just help make you happier.

    To answer the questions more directly...

    You could.
    He probably could, given the right time, circumstances, and mental/emotional state.

    The should part becomes tricky. If the idea really appeals to you, you will find it harder and harder to resist reading about it, thinking about it, and fantasizing about it. In that case, I don't see it not happening in the long run. If the interest/desire "fades away," you'll have your answer as well.

    Just make sure you exercise care and patience in getting the both of you prepared for that lifestyle beforehand.

    Take care.

  2. Thanks for your input fur sissy