Thursday, August 9, 2012

This, That and Other Things

I think t is having a hard time with one of My posts. This one right here. he posted here about the confusion he feels at My mere thinking about it. As I have thought deeper and more realistically about introducing cuckoldry into our lifestyle, I have realized that it's not exactly what I need (or t needs), but similiar.

I want to incorporate others into our lives. I don't want a boyfriend/girlfriend. I certainly don't need that hassle in my life, especially right now. Perhaps a playmate for t, or two, totally submissive playmates. How does that benefit Me you ask? There are certain needs that t has that I am just not able to meet. Does that mean I wont try from time to time? No. However it would make things so much easier on me to be able to use another to meet those needs. Especially with the events that are coming up next month. Also, I feel the need to be worshipped, constantly, by someone that is totally submissive. I and t were a vanilla couple before entering our special relationship. There are still times when he isn't submissive and I don't like it. It throws Me off. Sometimes it turns Me off to the point that I refuse to even think about playing. It would be nice to have a pet that has never tried to be in charge. So basically what I think I am saying is that t hasn't surrendered himself to Me completely, and that is what I need.


If I could paint the picture of the perfect pet.......

he would cherish every second with Me. Good or bad. he would want to please Me sexually, emotionally, every way. Shape. And form.

his whole world would be centered around Me. his one concern would be whether I was pleased, satisfied...taken care of. Though his needs would not suffer, Mine would come first, but he would go to the ends of the earth to make sure that I am thoroughly happy.

he would not hold back. he would be proud to be My pet and let it be known.

he would accept any decisions I make without questioning Me and be happy with it. he would never, ever tell Me no. he could reason with me and plead his case, but in the end, accept My decisions.

he would never try to "top from the bottom". That is such a turn off!

There are more details however I wont bore you with them. But what I'm saying is that I need for t to surrender completely. he can be as dominant as he needs to be outside of the house, but with me, he needs to check it at the door.

Now that I have covered the "this", it's time to move on to that. I need that.

I have been looking at houses that offer the space needed to create the perfect playroom for I and t. I believe that a playroom is essential in any D/s relationship. It would be nice to have the perfect space used only for those special needs. I am unable to have that where we currently live due to space constraints and it is a contributing factor to needs not being met. I often picture what the room would look like, smell like and feel like. I can't wait to create the perfect space for I and t!

With that said, it's time to move onto other things. I am putting t back into chastity tonight. I don't keep him in permanently, but we are going to work on that. I can't stand the thought of him touching My cock when I am not around. I'm also going to talk to him about changes that need to be made in our relationship. I'm not digging the on/off thing we have going. I need something more permanent. I must have 100% submission. Mind. Body and Soul.

It's time.

Comments or questions?



  1. A very thought-provoking post, Lady Lori. Lots and lots of things and ideas to explore here.

    It's understandable that t might be unnerved by that post. I know I would probably feel similarly in that situation if I wasn't in a prepared mental state and ready to accept it.

    His unsettled/insecure feelings towards a cuck scenario can also give you the leverage to enact some very strict training. e.g. "If you don't want me to think about it, then here's how you need to change."

    I do know Dommes that have taken on multiple submissives and many of them enjoy it, but the ones that don't have a "number one" are often hurt/disappointed. You already have one, so that wouldn't really be a concern.

  2. fur sissy, thank you for the input. you are very helpful.


  3. You're welcome, Lady Lori.

    I hope I don't come off as imposing on certain things... I can sometimes extrapolate too much from limited information (e.g. no backstory).

    Femdom relationships often follow a certain growth pattern and I often use that as a reference to try and get an idea where things are.

    If I'm ever "way off," please don't be offended as it was not intentional :)

    Take care.