Saturday, August 18, 2012

More This and That

First this:
Yesterday I was home alone and needed to be serviced. t's mouth wasn't available as he was at work. I decided to take matters in my own hands (litereally) and busted out my old bff the cutey wand. I sent a picture of tcw to t on his cell, just so he would know what he was missing. As activities er...progressed, I started thinking about my new bff, my old one just wasn't doing the job. I got into my toy box and found him, yes, my new bff. I rubbed him against my wet pussy, slathering my juices all over him. I then took a picture of him and sent it to t. I decided to put him on. Let me tell you, that is the most awesome feeling....ever. I took a picture of me wearing him and sent it to t. (Make that boy suffer for not being home to service his Mistress!) It was so freaking hot! If your Mistress doesn't have one of these, I suggest you buy her one. It will definitely earn you some brownie points! (heh, literally)

Fast forward to last night:
We went to bed early because I had a very important meeting that required me to be well rested. t fell asleep, but I laid there wide awake with my mind working overtime. I kept imagining t sucking off my brand new cock. The more I pictured his lips wrapped around it, the wetter I got. Finally I couldn't stand it anymore and woke him up. I told him that I was hot, horny and wet and he needed to go down right now and service me with that tongue of his. Not surprisingly, I didn't get any argument and it didn't take me long AT ALL to cum. Afterward, we just laid there, he was stunned that I was so "worked up" and I was feeling pretty darn satisfied....for the moment anyways. I still felt wide awake and the longer I laid there, the more I thought, the wetter and hornier I got. t was still awake, I guess it might have to do with me squeezing his balls (which were stretched and half smashed from the cb6000s) or something like that. I put my hand between my thighs and I was so wet and so ready. I tried to masturbate just using my hands but it wasn't enough, I smeared my juice covered hand on t's face and he was quite eager to lick the sweet smelling goo from my fingers. That send me into overdrive, I told him to get his face down there, NOW, and make me cum. It was awesome. I came with such ferocity that I am sure the neighbors heard every moan, every squeal and every deep, hard breath. I think it was my best orgasm to date. Can't wait to see what tonight brings!

Now for that:
My new bff needs a name. I am very open to suggestions. Feel free to comment.


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